We are dedicated to providing the best oral health care for infants, children and those with special needs. We want to ensure that our patients receive the finest dental care in a safe and friendly environment. Early dental treatment is essential for a child in order for them to adapt to good oral hygiene habits.

A child’s first dental visit should not be to extract a tooth, rather for dental check-ups and a 6-monthly polish of the teeth so that the child can get used to visiting the dentist on a regular basis, thus ensuring that the child would be more at ease for any other dental treatments.

All dental treatment is preferably done in the dental chair. We offer treatments for children such as the scale and polish of teeth, sealants and fluoride treatments. This will ensure early detection of cavities and help prevent the extraction of teeth. If your child is anxious and uncooperative in the dental chair, we offer conscious sedation, done in the dental chair, and general anaesthesia, done in our very own dental theatre.