For patients that are anxious and cannot manage to have treatment done in the dental chair under local anaesthesia, there are options to have a relaxed experience at your dentist, such as:

Sedation (5 years and older)

Sedation is a procedure which relaxes the patient so that treatment can take place in the dental chair. An anaesthetist places an intravenous drip into the patient’s arm, whereby drugs are introduced via this drip to relax the patient During this time all dental treatment can be carried out without any recollection to the patient. This is a very safe procedure and is continuously monitored by the anaesthetist. The anaesthetist does a pre- and post-treatment examination to ensure the patient’s safety. This treatment must be prearranged with our staff in order to book the anaesthetist. For more information contact our surgery.

General Anaesthesia

General anaesthesia is a process whereby dental treatment is performed under general anaesthesia in a hospital or day clinic. An anaesthetist anaesthetizes (puts the patient completely to sleep) the patient so that dental treatment can take place. The patient is constantly monitored and has no recollection of the treatment. This treatment is generally more expensive and treatment is usually paid out of your hospital benefits. This treatment must be prearranged with our staff to make arrangements with the hospital or day clinic. Pre- and post-treatment examination by the anaesthetist is done in the hospital or day clinic. Free transport is provided to and from the day clinic in Wynberg from Belhar and Eerste River practices.